How Does Lady Gaga Cope With Chronic Pain?

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How Does Lady Gaga Cope With Chronic Pain? When celebrities get personal about issues it often casts a spotlight on things that might go unnoticed otherwise. This is what happened when Lady Gaga told the world that she suffers from fibromyalgia.   You may not know about fibromyalgia, and medical professionals have a dearth of knowledge about the syndrome too. What they do know is that it causes long-term pain that can be felt throughout the body. It is a condition that can be extremely debilitating and very difficult to live with.   What Causes Fibromyalgia? Some theories consider the cause of fibromyalgia to be an excess of a specific chemical in the brain. While a different school of thought places the origin in genetics.   Because its symptoms are shared with many other conditions there is currently not even a consensus about whether fibromyalgia is a unique condition in itself. It could be that these pains have their cause in a bunch of other poorly understood complaints. But this is no reason to stop sufferers from looking for ways to relieve the burden.   How is it Treated? As the cause is not known, it is difficult for doctors to treat the syndrome. Current prescriptions range from painkillers and antidepressants, to talking therapies and lifestyle changes. But for some people suffering from Fibromyalgia these remedies are not enough.   How does Lady Gaga Cope with Fibromyalgia? Lady Gaga’s touching openness about her condition has lead to many conversations among her fellow sufferers about how they manage the lives when dealing with fibromyalgia. And Lady Gaga herself was the first to offer some advice on how to cope with the pain.   Lady Gaga has been a fibromyalgia sufferer for several years now and in that time she’s worked out some personal coping mechanisms.   When she’s really suffering, which can be manifested in something severe as body spasms, Lady Gaga uses an infrared sauna.   While that might initially sound like only something a world famous pop star can afford, they actually come in a variety of forms including box-like constructions and electric blankets. There are also many public saunas that can be used for an affordable rate.   When using a sauna Lady Gaga wraps herself in a cheap foil blanket, the kind of thing you see marathon runners getting wrapped in at the finish line.   Afterwards, and here is where you’re going to have be really brave, she finds that a dunk in an ice bath is the ideal follow-up. If you’re not feeling up to the full on splash of an ice bath, you could just run cold water instead or place ice packs...

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Why Should You Book an Appointment with Paul?

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Why Should You Book an Appointment with Paul? Check out Mary’s response from Dublin as to why she booked with Paul and what pain relief she experienced.   What prompted you to go to Paul? I was in so much pain with my back and sinus, it was affecting my life that I could no longer put up with the pain. Explain what ailments you had and what prompted you to book an appointment with Paul? Persistent upper back and neck pain. Hip problems. Sinus headaches. What did you experience during your treatment? Paul inserted acupuncture needles into my scalp and nose to clear my sinus. I could feel my sinuses clearing and being able to breath clearer through my nose. For my back and neck pain. I could feel warmth and a release of stiffness and pain that i was experiencing. Paul did both Osteopathy and scalp acupuncture on my back and neck area. He also did some Balance acupuncture which I could feel my back starting to unwind. How did you feel after and did you feel any results? After leaving the clinic, I was quite stiff and did relax for a while but within days of getting the work done on my back, I could stretch without pain. And after the acupuncture on my sinus, the pain was gone and I could breath more easily. What do you recommend to someone who is in pain who might be considering booking an appointment with Paul? I have been to Paul for numerous problems over the years and without him, I would not have a normal life. I am now pain free and able to start Pilates again. I would highly recommend Paul, he is gifted at what he does and I would not go anywhere else for...

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What Can Jogging Do For Me?

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I meet and successfully treat many joggers & runners who suffer from different injuries through over use and repetitive strain. But I do urge those who are looking to take up running as a hobby that ‘jogging’ is the better way to go. Here are my top tips why: Preconceptions can hold you back. For instance, what are your thoughts on jogging? Hard work? Tiring? Futile? Miles and miles of dull pavement pounding purgatory? These misconceptions couldn’t be further from the truth. Need more convincing? Read on. Gym, Jog or Sofa? Everyone wants to be more healthy. And this becomes all the more pressing the older we get. But it’s a difficult task. When it comes to working out how to work out signing up for a gym membership isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Similarly riding a bike means buying a bike, and then a helmet and a pump and lights and… Isn’t there anything that’s easy to get into and doesn’t mean standing next to Adonis-like twenty somethings admiring their youth in a floor to ceiling mirror? Goodness, yes. Jogging. Not walking but jogging. Not running but jogging. These are important distinctions. The more walking you can fit into your day the better, but it doesn’t really get the heart pumping. Running will fashion your body into the likeness of a primeval hunter, but that’s not necessary when the corner shop’s open till eleven. Jogging meanwhile gets your blood flowing but it isn’t going to alienate you from the first step. Think of it as enhanced walking and half the battle is won. While walking has it’s benefits, it’s undaunting and low impact, exchanging a walk for a jog can give your body so much more. Exercise is always vital but it becomes critical when your future independence relies on it. For the over 50s, keeping healthy is not just about looking good it’s about making sure you’re fit enough to look after yourself. Benefits you’ll get from jogging include: – increased overall fitness; – improved bone density (which keeps your body strong and reduces risk of injury); – improved cholesterol levels; – reduced inflammation; – enhanced mood. The Sensible Jogger Doesn’t that sound like a reassuring phrase? You don’t have to be a marathon runner to get these benefits. Start by jogging for just ten minutes. Don’t push yourself beyond what you’re comfortable with. Every little bit of activity will see the benefits coming at you immediately. And that means you’ll really feel them. Your mood can be lifted not only because of the physical effects but through a sense of achievement. In fact, starting out steadily is something your body will thank you for. If it’s...

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Scalp Acupuncture for Pain Management

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Scalp Acupuncture Scalp acupuncture is a traditional Chinese needling technique integrating methods from the Western medical knowledge combined with the traditional Chinese methods. The treatment has been proven to successfully treat acute and chronic conditions including nervous system disorders. Many say they feel an immediate improvement sometimes only taking a few seconds or even minute to feel the results. Paul has been working with Dr Zhu in the USA and experienced first-hand what amazing results this treatment can offer. With this new and innovative treatment, scalp acupuncture often falls outside of the fundamental theories of Chinese medicine but it also brings a new concept to the Western world. Scalp acupuncture for rehabilitation Paul has worked with many patients who are in rehabilitation of paralysis due to MS, strokes, car accidents and Parkinson’s disease. Scalp acupuncture is also very effective for pain management especially chronic pain caused by the central nervous system. Believe it or not even a phantom pain can be treated! Scalp acupuncture not only treats disorders, but also can prevent illness and help to build the immune system. It can help increase energy, preserve youth, and promote longevity. Contact Paul today for more information on Tel: 01...

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Managing Pain Through Natural Resources

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Managing Pain Through Natural Resources There is so much information coming through the media at the moment about celebrities being hooked on pain killers due to acute and chronic pain. More and more are heading to rehab to deal with the addiction. We know at the Pain Relief Clinic in Dunshaughlin that chronic and acute pain can hinder people’s everyday lives. We have put together some healthy tips to help you manage your pain a little better. Combined with the Scalp Acupuncture treatments we offer, you will definitely feel the benefits of treating your pain naturally. Move Gently Exercise doesn’t have to mean step aerobics or a hard core gym session. Increasing your range of motion will help loosen your limbs. A gentle walk is not only good for your heart but also for your head, there is nothing better than getting some fresh air. Gentle Yoga exercises can also help as they lengthen the muscles. Always ask your GP before embarking on any exercise program no matter how gentle. Keep Your Weight Healthy Keeping your weight at a healthy level will reduce the pressure on your joints. Excess fat around your stomach not only puts pressure on your back but is extremely unhealthy for your internal organs. Relax and Reduce Stress Reducing the tension in your life will make you feel better emotionally and physically. When you are stressed and tense your muscles tighten even more reducing your range of movement and making you feel worse. A massage, hot bath, mediation are just some great ways to reduce stress. Make an appointment at the Pain Relief Clinic If you haven’t already done so, make an appointment today to discuss your options of treatment with Scalp Acupuncture. More and more people are getting the treatment and seeing/feeling amazing results. Contact us today for more details Call Paul on 01...

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How to Treat Chronic Pain

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Chronic pain seems to be the hot topic of conversation at the moment. Yet for those who suffer on a daily basis they will tell you that it is something they have been dealing with in some cases for years. So why do so many people just ‘tolerate’ the pain? Why are people scared to speak out about their daily suffering and seek help? Here at the Pain Relief Clinic in Dunshaughlin, we deal with people with chronic pain on a daily basis. Some find it difficult to explain the type of pain but everyone has the same issue –it affects their life every single day. From sitting down, to working (whether they have a desk job or a physical job), it affects their sleep and so much more. When people are in pain they are not happy in themselves which of course then has a domino effect on everything in their lives including their social and family lives. So what can we do for people suffering with chronic pain here at the Pain Relief Clinic? Scalp acupuncture works in amazing ways and the best part is you don’t have to touch the affected area. By inserting needles into your scalp (Cerebral Cortex area) it will turn off inflammation allowing the body’s healing process to work more efficiently. We can also perform Neuro Scalp Acupuncture which will radiate heat in throughout your body. By inserting needles in the scalp (Motor areas of the brain) this will help with body movement. By inserting needles in the scalp (Sensory areas of the brain) this will help with turning of the pain. For those who need it, gentle manipulation on the back with also increase mobility. But don’t just take our word for it, call Paul today and find out more about what we can do to help your chronic pain. Call us today on Tel: 01 8240663 Pain Relief Clinic, Dunshaughlin – Treating Injuries & Chronic...

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