Why Should You Book an Appointment with Paul?

Check out Mary’s response from Dublin as to why she booked with Paul and what pain relief she experienced.


What prompted you to go to Paul?

I was in so much pain with my back and sinus, it was affecting my life that I could no longer put up with the pain.

Explain what ailments you had and what prompted you to book an appointment with Paul?

Persistent upper back and neck pain. Hip problems. Sinus headaches.

What did you experience during your treatment?

Paul inserted acupuncture needles into my scalp and nose to clear my sinus. I could feel my sinuses clearing and being able to breath clearer through my nose.

For my back and neck pain. I could feel warmth and a release of stiffness and pain that i was experiencing.

Paul did both Osteopathy and scalp acupuncture on my back and neck area.

He also did some Balance acupuncture which I could feel my back starting to unwind.

How did you feel after and did you feel any results?

After leaving the clinic, I was quite stiff and did relax for a while but within days of getting the work done on my back, I could stretch without pain.

And after the acupuncture on my sinus, the pain was gone and I could breath more easily.

What do you recommend to someone who is in pain who might be considering booking an appointment with Paul?

I have been to Paul for numerous problems over the years and without him, I would not have a normal life. I am now pain free and able to start Pilates again.

I would highly recommend Paul, he is gifted at what he does and I would not go anywhere else for treatment.