How Does Lady Gaga Cope With Chronic Pain?

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How Does Lady Gaga Cope With Chronic Pain? When celebrities get personal about issues it often casts a spotlight on things that might go unnoticed otherwise. This is what happened when Lady Gaga told the world that she suffers from fibromyalgia.   You may not know about fibromyalgia, and medical professionals have a dearth of knowledge about the syndrome too. What they do know is that it causes long-term pain that can be felt throughout the body. It is a condition that can be extremely debilitating and very difficult to live with.   What Causes Fibromyalgia? Some theories consider the cause of fibromyalgia to be an excess of a specific chemical in the brain. While a different school of thought places the origin in genetics.   Because its symptoms are shared with many other conditions there is currently not even a consensus about whether fibromyalgia is a unique condition in itself. It could be that these pains have their cause in a bunch of other poorly understood complaints. But this is no reason to stop sufferers from looking for ways to relieve the burden.   How is it Treated? As the cause is not known, it is difficult for doctors to treat the syndrome. Current prescriptions range from painkillers and antidepressants, to talking therapies and lifestyle changes. But for some people suffering from Fibromyalgia these remedies are not enough.   How does Lady Gaga Cope with Fibromyalgia? Lady Gaga’s touching openness about her condition has lead to many conversations among her fellow sufferers about how they manage the lives when dealing with fibromyalgia. And Lady Gaga herself was the first to offer some advice on how to cope with the pain.   Lady Gaga has been a fibromyalgia sufferer for several years now and in that time she’s worked out some personal coping mechanisms.   When she’s really suffering, which can be manifested in something severe as body spasms, Lady Gaga uses an infrared sauna.   While that might initially sound like only something a world famous pop star can afford, they actually come in a variety of forms including box-like constructions and electric blankets. There are also many public saunas that can be used for an affordable rate.   When using a sauna Lady Gaga wraps herself in a cheap foil blanket, the kind of thing you see marathon runners getting wrapped in at the finish line.   Afterwards, and here is where you’re going to have be really brave, she finds that a dunk in an ice bath is the ideal follow-up. If you’re not feeling up to the full on splash of an ice bath, you could just run cold water instead or place ice packs...

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Why Should You Book an Appointment with Paul?

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Why Should You Book an Appointment with Paul? Check out Mary’s response from Dublin as to why she booked with Paul and what pain relief she experienced.   What prompted you to go to Paul? I was in so much pain with my back and sinus, it was affecting my life that I could no longer put up with the pain. Explain what ailments you had and what prompted you to book an appointment with Paul? Persistent upper back and neck pain. Hip problems. Sinus headaches. What did you experience during your treatment? Paul inserted acupuncture needles into my scalp and nose to clear my sinus. I could feel my sinuses clearing and being able to breath clearer through my nose. For my back and neck pain. I could feel warmth and a release of stiffness and pain that i was experiencing. Paul did both Osteopathy and scalp acupuncture on my back and neck area. He also did some Balance acupuncture which I could feel my back starting to unwind. How did you feel after and did you feel any results? After leaving the clinic, I was quite stiff and did relax for a while but within days of getting the work done on my back, I could stretch without pain. And after the acupuncture on my sinus, the pain was gone and I could breath more easily. What do you recommend to someone who is in pain who might be considering booking an appointment with Paul? I have been to Paul for numerous problems over the years and without him, I would not have a normal life. I am now pain free and able to start Pilates again. I would highly recommend Paul, he is gifted at what he does and I would not go anywhere else for...

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4 Top Tips to Mind Your Physical & Mental Well-being This Winter

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It can sometimes feel like a real challenge to transition from summer to winter. Wrapping up in big warm coats and boots, raining days and often we are less active due to the bad weather. So what can you do to mind your well-being this winter? I have put together my top tips to make sure you keep your mind and body boosts over the cold, winter months in Ireland.   Colds, Flu’s and Lowered Immunity It tends to be this time of year we experience our first cold or flu which the change of temperature from a warm in doors to outdoors. Then one day its freeing cold outside next the sun is shining and we are hot! Rather than opt for supplements, try to boost your immunity with good hearty food. Dark green leafy vegetables are packed full of nutrients try to choose vegetables that are in season, garlic doesn’t just keep the vampires at bay(!) it also helps keep colds at bay.  Although it is cooler, still try to keep your fluid intake up, especially water. Maybe try some warming herbal teas. Stay Active Being active doesn’t necessarily mean hitting the gym or a fast-paced spinning class. Taking the stairs instead of the elevator, park your car a little further away or getting off the bus a little earlier – all this help burn a few more calories. It keeps your body fluid and your joint moving. Hibernation is Only For Bears Although we feel like we just need to hide away and hibernate in the winter minds, it is not good for our mental well-being. We can keep active by doing some simple exercises but we also need company and to be around good people. Make sure you schedule in your diary for a get together even if it’s just a coffee date – have a giggle and enjoy other people’s company away from the comfort of your sofa and fire. Acupuncture If you feel you need a little boost or that you are in pain why not book a session or two of acupuncture. This natural Chinese medicine is amazing for balancing the body, release pain and stiffness. I have experienced amazing results with my clients well-being after just one session.   So whatever you do this winter, make sure you look after your physical and mental well-being. I am here to answer any questions you have and if you feel you need to make an appointment with me feel free to drop me a line here or call...

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Do You Have Sore Neck and Shoulders? Click Here to See How You Can Reduce the Pain Today

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Do you get headaches from your neck and shoulders pain? Is it affecting your sleep? Well, you are not alone. We have put together some tips One Pillow or Two? Some people love to sleep with two pillows and some one but this can impact your neck and shoulders pain. Some people like a firm pillow, others like soft ones. But was is the best way to sleep? Well actually you only need one soft pillow because if your head is too high when sleeping it will put you in an awkward sleeping position and cause the muscles to become tense. If you sleep with one soft pillow you are more likely to get your body in a more natural position that is not causing your body to become tense and uncomfortable. Reading in Bed Bedtime is usually sacred for most of us. The time we get to finally unwind and maybe a bit of ‘me’ time with our favourite book. However, reading your book or Kindle in bed might be one of the causes of your neck and shoulder pain. When you are reading you are usually propped up in bed, with your head slightly bent, looking down. This is putting excess strain on your muscles and causing them to over stretch. If you think about it, your muscles have already taken a beating throughout the day one way or another and then you are forcing, your already tired muscles to do more work. Best Foot Forward I know we are always talking about your choice of foot wear but I can’t stress enough how important good footwear is, especially if you are experiencing pain. Make sure your foot wear has support and is cushioned so you are not putting excess stress on your body. Poor foot wear like flat, no support style pumps or high heels can bring your posture out of alignment causing plenty of unnecessary pain. Don’t Shoulder the Burden Alone When you are carrying bags, try not to put all the focus on one side. If you can, use both straps so you are carrying the weight equally between both shoulders. By favouring one side when carry bags will cause those muscles to become over stressed and bring your posture out of alignment so that your muscles are then placed under immense stress that is not necessary. Computer Geeks Watch Out If you work from a computer, make sure you check how you are sitting. If you are peering down on your computer then your posture will adjust to this position causing your back to become rounded and your muscles to become tense. It is one of the most classic issues I find with...

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