What is Auricular Therapy Medicine

Auriculotherapy Medicine

A couple of years ago Paul felt moved to offer his healing capabilities to those who are most vulnerable in society; he decided to work with homeless people in Dublin. At the homeless centre in Dublin Paul found he was getting exceptional results when using auricular therapy, or ear acupuncture, to treat those who were suffering from addiction and depression. So much so that he set out to learn more about exactly why this was the case – he just knew there was something special about the ear.

In his research he came across Auricular Therapy Medicine, the work of Dr Paul Nogier. Nogier is considered the father of Auricular therapy, a form of alternative medicine based on the notion that the outer portion of the ear is a microsystem of the entire body. In 1951, after extensive experimentation, Nogier established a map of the ear – the points of which closely resembles the image of an inverted foetus. Each of these points or zones on the ear corresponds to an organ or a body system.

Auriculo Therapy Medicine is an extension of Auriculotherapy insofar as it incorporates the Vascular Autonomic Signal (VAS) Nogier developed when he noticed that Auriculotherapy had little effect on some diseases. Based on his experience with acupuncture, he began to take his patients’ pulse while examining their ears. He discovered that when he touched different zones of the ear, the pulse would vary.

According to Nader Soliman MD, under healthy, non-stressful conditions, the electromagnetic field, or the “aura” of the ear, extends laterally to a maximum distance of one centimetre from the surface of the ear. An aura extending more than the one centimetre would suggest energetic stress; in other words the energetic disturbance of any organ can project as a stressed electromagnetic field of the ear.

Dr Nogier, through his discovery of the VAS, was able to pinpoint the exact organ responsible for such change of the electromagnetic field position.

Extending his research on the pulse even further, he tested many forms of stimulation (magnets, colours, various substances, etc.), and showed that the body is sensitive to seven frequencies. These Nogier frequencies represent the information received or released by the body.

Paul learnt that even surgical scars – something most of us never give a second thought – can cause strains in the connective tissue network deep within the body. When this happens, tension patterns form and create a cascade of effects that may present far from their sources. The body then has to compensate for these abnormal points of tension; this chronic irritation invariably gives way to functional and structural problems. Paul gets really animated when working with scars; for him it is a matter of “break the seal and lose the warranty”. The healing that can take place from treating scars with VAS is impressive!

Since introducing VAS in his practice Paul has received profound results with some of his clients. Every time this happens it astounds him – he has no logical explanation for the outcomes.

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