Scalp Acupuncture

Take care of your body

Scalp acupuncture is a traditional Chinese needling technique integrating methods from the Western medical knowledge combined with the traditional Chinese methods. The treatment has been proven to successfully treat acute and chronic conditions including nervous system disorders. Many say they feel an immediate improvement sometimes only taking a few seconds or even minute to feel the results.

Paul has been working with Dr Zhu in the USA and experienced first-hand what amazing results this treatment can offer.

With this new and innovative treatment, scalp acupuncture often falls outside of the fundamental theories of Chinese medicine but it also brings a new concept to the Western world.

Scalp acupuncture for rehabilitation

Paul has worked with many patients who are in rehabilitation of paralysis due to MS, strokes, car accidents and Parkinson’s disease.

Scalp acupuncture is also very effective for pain management especially chronic pain caused by the central nervous system. Believe it or not even a phantom pain can be treated!

Scalp acupuncture not only treats disorders, but also can prevent illness and help to build the immune system. It can help increase energy, preserve youth, and promote longevity.

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