Treat Your Pain Naturally With Acupuncture And Osteopathy

Acupuncture and Osteopathy are both forms of Chinese medicine. They target the meridian areas of the body through ‘Acupoints’ on the skin. Acupuncture involves the insertion of needles in the ‘acupoint’ areas whereas Osteopathy focuses on hand movements. Both treatments are one of kind, as the objective of both is to restore balance in the body to reduce pain, anxiety, and a multitude of health issues.

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The pain relief clinic treats injuries and chronic pain using gentle manipulation through osteopathic and acupuncture techniques.


Paul is passionate about the body and how it works. “Every day I am still amazed at how all the parts interrelate – the wonder of the perfect balance between organs, bones and muscles.”

Paul’s approach is holistic, and he uses Osteopathy, Scalp Acupuncture and Visceral Manipulation to treat patients of all ages; bringing relief to individuals suffering from permanent and debilitating conditions and disorders.

Pain is one of the body’s ways to alert us that something is out of kilter; that something needs our attention. Yet, too often we pop a pill to numb the pain, or else simply ignore the call, hoping the pain will go away – in the process we miss the important message that our health and well-being are being compromised.

Common causes of acute pain are trauma, toxins, deficiencies and stress, it is important to remove the trigger; to deal with the cause and associated inflammation. Chronic pain on the other hand persists long after the trauma that caused them is removed – the pain just starts and won’t go away.

At the Pain Relief Clinic, we use Osteopathy and Acupuncture to threat a range of problems. See which one is for you:



At the Pain Relief Clinic we respect the body’s natural ability to self-regulate and only intervene when pain or discomfort is present.