I meet and successfully treat many joggers & runners who suffer from different injuries through over use and repetitive strain. But I do urge those who are looking to take up running as a hobby that ‘jogging’ is the better way to go. Here are my top tips why:

Preconceptions can hold you back.

For instance, what are your thoughts on jogging?

Hard work? Tiring? Futile? Miles and miles of dull pavement pounding purgatory?

These misconceptions couldn’t be further from the truth. Need more convincing? Read on.

Gym, Jog or Sofa?

Everyone wants to be more healthy. And this becomes all the more pressing the older we get. But it’s a difficult task.

When it comes to working out how to work out signing up for a gym membership isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Similarly riding a bike means buying a bike, and then a helmet and a pump and lights and… Isn’t there anything that’s easy to get into and doesn’t mean standing next to Adonis-like twenty somethings admiring their youth in a floor to ceiling mirror?

Goodness, yes. Jogging.

Not walking but jogging. Not running but jogging.

These are important distinctions. The more walking you can fit into your day the better, but it doesn’t really get the heart pumping. Running will fashion your body into the likeness of a primeval hunter, but that’s not necessary when the corner shop’s open till eleven.

Jogging meanwhile gets your blood flowing but it isn’t going to alienate you from the first step. Think of it as enhanced walking and half the battle is won.

While walking has it’s benefits, it’s undaunting and low impact, exchanging a walk for a jog can give your body so much more.

Exercise is always vital but it becomes critical when your future independence relies on it. For the over 50s, keeping healthy is not just about looking good it’s about making sure you’re fit enough to look after yourself.

Benefits you’ll get from jogging include:

– increased overall fitness;
– improved bone density (which keeps your body strong and reduces risk of injury);
– improved cholesterol levels;
– reduced inflammation;
– enhanced mood.

The Sensible Jogger

Doesn’t that sound like a reassuring phrase? You don’t have to be a marathon runner to get these benefits.

Start by jogging for just ten minutes. Don’t push yourself beyond what you’re comfortable with. Every little bit of activity will see the benefits coming at you immediately. And that means you’ll really feel them. Your mood can be lifted not only because of the physical effects but through a sense of achievement.

In fact, starting out steadily is something your body will thank you for. If it’s not used to shifting through the gears then bursting out of the blocks risks injury. You can warm your body to the idea over weeks and even months. There’s no rush and no pressure. Whatever you do will be beneficial.

Stretching correctly, taking breaks and taking on water are practices you should put into your jogging regime from the start. They will help ease your body into the rhythm and help avoid any injury.

Social Jogging

Thinking of changing your walks to a jog but don’t want to lose the chance for a catch up? No problem, jogging can be combined with chatting and turned into a social activity.

Low intensity jogging allows for continued conversation, which is not something that can be said for cycling or going to the gym or even a team sport.

Burn ‘Em Up

Jogging is a veritable calorie bonfire. Even by starting with short jogs you’ll soon starting burning up those heavy calories. Being a full body exercise, jogging brings multiple muscle groups into play, from the upper and lower to the core groups. Exercise that gets as many muscles working as possible burns the most calories.

Lace Up

And all you need to go jogging is some comfortable clothes, a pair of running shoes and the earth’s crust, making jogging the most accessible way of getting exercise.

The only technical aspect you can interest yourself in is the shoes. Getting a good pair of running trainers will limit the impact on joints that many people worry about with jogging. And you can even get a jogging analysis done to get the perfect fit for you.

Physiotherapists and running shops usually do these. It involves taking your old pair of running shoes to assess how you walk or jog and moulding a personal pair of orthotics for you to slip into your trainers. By moulding your sole perfectly into your footwear you get the best protection for your joints.

So what are you waiting for? Jogging just 50 minutes each week will give you multiple health benefits. You can lose weight, decrease blood-pressure, improve your heart’s health, have a social life and feel great all round.


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