Chronic pain seems to be the hot topic of conversation at the moment.

Yet for those who suffer on a daily basis they will tell you that it is something they have been dealing with in some cases for years.

So why do so many people just ‘tolerate’ the pain?

Why are people scared to speak out about their daily suffering and seek help?

Here at the Pain Relief Clinic in Dunshaughlin, we deal with people with chronic pain on a daily basis. Some find it difficult to explain the type of pain but everyone has the same issue –it affects their life every single day.

From sitting down, to working (whether they have a desk job or a physical job), it affects their sleep and so much more.

When people are in pain they are not happy in themselves which of course then has a domino effect on everything in their lives including their social and family lives.

So what can we do for people suffering with chronic pain here at the Pain Relief Clinic?

Scalp acupuncture works in amazing ways and the best part is you don’t have to touch the affected area.

By inserting needles into your scalp (Cerebral Cortex area) it will turn off inflammation allowing the body’s healing process to work more efficiently.

We can also perform Neuro Scalp Acupuncture which will radiate heat in throughout your body.

By inserting needles in the scalp (Motor areas of the brain) this will help with body movement.

By inserting needles in the scalp (Sensory areas of the brain) this will help with turning of the pain.

For those who need it, gentle manipulation on the back with also increase mobility.

But don’t just take our word for it, call Paul today and find out more about what we can do to help your chronic pain.

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