I have had the privilege of getting to know Paul over the course of the year. He has successfully treated friends of mine but I lived too far away to have a weekly appointment. However I was in Dublin on business recently so decided to make an appointment.

I had ruptured my calf muscle and Achilles tendon last year and no matter what I tried I wasn’t recovering. I would be fine for one minute then a few runs later and I was limping for a week.

I went to a physiotherapist (I was never keen on this type of treatment, a personal thing) but as a result of the treatment I ended up limping as my hip ceased up! One year on and it was worse I was getting.

When I walked into Paul he asked me a few questions and straight away identified issued with certain joints out of place; this included my ankle which was why I always had a burning sensation when I ran. I thought my Achilles was injured it turns out it was the alignment that was the issue!

Paul then did some manipulation on my spine, because let’s face it we all need that. I haven’t met anyone who doesn’t hold even a little stress in their back, neck and shoulders!!

Paul then placed some scalp acupuncture needles and left me to relax in pure peace and tranquillity.
When we finished Paul said “We’ll see how you get on”.

It’s been two weeks since my treatment and I can’t believe that one treatment has taken the pain way from my hip and the tightness and burning away from my leg.

I know I probably need more sessions but location is an issue but I will be back to Paul when I am back in Dublin for business!

Paul usually recommends about 6 sessions for ultimate, long term results; but this will also depend on the ailment.

Paul is fantastic at what he does and has a real gift. Thank you