Do you get headaches from your neck and shoulders pain?

Is it affecting your sleep?

Well, you are not alone. We have put together some tips

One Pillow or Two?

Some people love to sleep with two pillows and some one but this can impact your neck and shoulders pain. Some people like a firm pillow, others like soft ones. But was is the best way to sleep? Well actually you only need one soft pillow because if your head is too high when sleeping it will put you in an awkward sleeping position and cause the muscles to become tense. If you sleep with one soft pillow you are more likely to get your body in a more natural position that is not causing your body to become tense and uncomfortable.

Reading in Bed

Bedtime is usually sacred for most of us. The time we get to finally unwind and maybe a bit of ‘me’ time with our favourite book. However, reading your book or Kindle in bed might be one of the causes of your neck and shoulder pain. When you are reading you are usually propped up in bed, with your head slightly bent, looking down. This is putting excess strain on your muscles and causing them to over stretch. If you think about it, your muscles have already taken a beating throughout the day one way or another and then you are forcing, your already tired muscles to do more work.

Best Foot Forward

I know we are always talking about your choice of foot wear but I can’t stress enough how important good footwear is, especially if you are experiencing pain. Make sure your foot wear has support and is cushioned so you are not putting excess stress on your body. Poor foot wear like flat, no support style pumps or high heels can bring your posture out of alignment causing plenty of unnecessary pain.

Don’t Shoulder the Burden Alone

When you are carrying bags, try not to put all the focus on one side. If you can, use both straps so you are carrying the weight equally between both shoulders. By favouring one side when carry bags will cause those muscles to become over stressed and bring your posture out of alignment so that your muscles are then placed under immense stress that is not necessary.

Computer Geeks Watch Out

If you work from a computer, make sure you check how you are sitting. If you are peering down on your computer then your posture will adjust to this position causing your back to become rounded and your muscles to become tense. It is one of the most classic issues I find with patients in the clinic. Make sure you sit in a chair that has good support, and that your bottoms is positioned at the back of the chair with both feet on the ground, roll your shoulder back and make sure they are relaxed.

Scalp Acupuncture and Osteopathy

Osteopathy is a form of drug-free non-invasive manual medicine that focuses on the subtle mechanics of the whole body. It is based on the philosophy that all parts of the body function together in an integrated way. Osteopathy aims to treat and strengthen all the mobile structures of the body, whether structural (joints, muscles and spine), visceral (organs) or cranium (head). Combined with the use of Scalp Acupuncture which is exceptional for its fast effects – it is not uncommon for a client to notice an improvement after the first treatment. These positive responses can continue for a couple of days, but to obtain the best results, it may be necessary to repeat the treatment.

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