Scalp Acupuncture for Stroke Treatment

Scalp Acupuncture

A stroke can cause many life changing conditions such as paralysis, speech problems, struggle to swallow and with this can come depression to cope with such dramatic changes in ones life.

Acupuncture is carried out every day in China as part of their medical care. In Western countries, some acupuncturists can work on patients up to three times a week for optimal results. Several different approaches have been used to treat stroke, demonstrating that acupuncture for this disorder remains a healthcare art: Traditional Chinese Yang meridian point therapy, Chinese scalp acupuncture.

But does Scalp Acupuncture really help to improve the quality of life for stroke patients?

There have been many studies in Japan and China demonstrating significant positive results using this treatment. The studies have shown patients recovery to speed up with better self-care, thus less nursing is required. This not only has a positive impact on the price of medical care but also extremely beneficial for the patients mental well-being to gain more independence.

Paul is extremely passionate about working in this area, he had seen the best results with people who have experienced a stroke less than two years ago.

If you would like to discuss stroke treatment options for a loved one, or friend feel free to contact Paul who will be happy to give you advice and information.

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