Did you know an osteopath can help improve your performance as an athlete as well as treating any sports injuries you may be suffering from?

So how do we do this?

Using our in-depth knowledge of the body we can help improve joint mobility, improve structure and balance, ease the range of motion in your joints; which can reduce the risk of injury and enhance your sports performance.

Osteopathy can also improve your flexibility by making your muscles suppler and also improve muscle tone. All this can reduce the risk of injury especially soft tissue injuries.

Want to take it to the next level?

We also offer scalp acupuncture for those who would like to see results on a whole new level. Click here to read more about this type of treatment. 

Most sports injuries are muscular skeletal involving ligaments, tendons, bones and joints. Many athletes experience repetition of these injuries and find they just can’t fully recover from them.

Causing injury will cause a weakness in the area and often limited range of motion. Using scalp acupuncture, we can treat new and old injuries as we are not directly touching the actual injury itself. Many patients have experienced amazing results after just one treatment.

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