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Do you get headaches from your neck and shoulders pain? Is it affecting your sleep? Well, you are not alone. We have put together some tips One Pillow or Two? Some people love to sleep with two pillows and some one but this can impact your neck and shoulders pain. Some people like a firm pillow, others like soft ones. But was is the best way to sleep? Well actually you only need one soft pillow because if your head is too high when sleeping it will put you in an awkward sleeping position and cause the muscles to become tense. If you sleep with one soft pillow you are more likely to get your body in a more natural position that is not causing your body to become tense and uncomfortable. Reading in Bed Bedtime is usually sacred for most of us. The time we get to finally unwind and maybe a bit of ‘me’ time with our favourite book. However, reading your book or Kindle in bed might be one of the causes of your neck and shoulder pain. When you are reading you are usually propped up in bed, with your head slightly bent, looking down. This is putting excess strain on your muscles and causing them to over stretch. If you think about it, your muscles have already taken a beating throughout the day one way or another and then you are forcing, your already tired muscles to do more work. Best Foot Forward I know we are always talking about your choice of foot wear but I can’t stress enough how important good footwear is, especially if you are experiencing pain. Make sure your foot wear has support and is cushioned so you are not putting excess stress on your body. Poor foot wear like flat, no support style pumps or high heels can bring your posture out of alignment causing plenty of unnecessary pain. Don’t Shoulder the Burden Alone When you are carrying bags, try not to put all the focus on one side. If you can, use both straps so you are carrying the weight equally between both shoulders. By favouring one side when carry bags will cause those muscles to become over stressed and bring your posture out of alignment so that your muscles are then placed under immense stress that is not necessary. Computer Geeks Watch Out If you work from a computer, make sure you check how you are sitting. If you are peering down on your computer then your posture will adjust to this position causing your back to become rounded and your muscles to become tense. It is one of the most classic issues I find with...

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3 Things That Might be Causing You Back Pain

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3 Things That Might be Causing You Back Pain If you are suffering with back pain, there might be some things that are aggravating it more. Always make sure you check with your GP if you are concerned about your health. 1) Good Foot Wear As much as we love the latest trends and high heels, sometimes they are not the best if there is a weakness in our backs. Shoes with little to no support or cushion will cause excess strain on our backs and if the back is not aligned, the hips and knees can also become a problem. Try buying shoes with good support and cushion. Without naming certain brands we know of some who promote good support so opt for those. 2) Sleeping Positions Sleeping can be a problem when you are suffering from back pain. So try laying on your side and placing a cushion between your knees, it takes some of the pressure off your lower back and can make bed time a little more enjoyable. Also sleeping on your stomach is not advised due to the unnatural position of the spine. 3) Sitting Sitting for too long I’m sure you are aware makes you stiff and much harder to move. We’ve all seen that poor person having to be hoisted up from a chair because their back has ceased up. So try to get mobile every 15-20 minutes to avoid the muscles going cold and ceasing up. Sit with your back nice and straight, shoulders back, and your feet flat on the floor. Crossing your legs is also not advisable. Scalp Acupuncture and Osteopathy Osteopathy is a form of drug-free non-invasive manual medicine that focuses on the subtle mechanics of the whole body. It is based on the philosophy that all parts of the body function together in an integrated way. Osteopathy aims to treat and strengthen all the mobile structures of the body, whether structural (joints, muscles and spine), visceral (organs) or cranium (head). Combined with the use of Scalp Acupuncture which is exceptional for its fast effects – it is not uncommon for a client to notice an improvement after the first treatment. These positive responses can continue for a couple of days, but to obtain the best results, it may be necessary to repeat the treatment. To have a FREE phone consultation with Paul or to make an appointment click...

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Is It Magic? Well I am Beginning to Wonder!

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I have had the privilege of getting to know Paul over the course of the year. He has successfully treated friends of mine but I lived too far away to have a weekly appointment. However I was in Dublin on business recently so decided to make an appointment. I had ruptured my calf muscle and Achilles tendon last year and no matter what I tried I wasn’t recovering. I would be fine for one minute then a few runs later and I was limping for a week. I went to a physiotherapist (I was never keen on this type of treatment, a personal thing) but as a result of the treatment I ended up limping as my hip ceased up! One year on and it was worse I was getting. When I walked into Paul he asked me a few questions and straight away identified issued with certain joints out of place; this included my ankle which was why I always had a burning sensation when I ran. I thought my Achilles was injured it turns out it was the alignment that was the issue! Paul then did some manipulation on my spine, because let’s face it we all need that. I haven’t met anyone who doesn’t hold even a little stress in their back, neck and shoulders!! Paul then placed some scalp acupuncture needles and left me to relax in pure peace and tranquillity. When we finished Paul said “We’ll see how you get on”. It’s been two weeks since my treatment and I can’t believe that one treatment has taken the pain way from my hip and the tightness and burning away from my leg. I know I probably need more sessions but location is an issue but I will be back to Paul when I am back in Dublin for business! Paul usually recommends about 6 sessions for ultimate, long term results; but this will also depend on the ailment. Paul is fantastic at what he does and has a real gift. Thank...

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Restless Leg Syndrome – The Complete Guide

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Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS) – Complete Guide Do you suffer from restless leg syndrome? Are you losing sleep? Feeling agitated with it? Did you know Scalp Acupuncture can help? Read on…….   Thanks to advancements in technology and research, we now know more than ever before about many health issues and this includes restless leg syndrome (RLS). For this reason, we have created a guide including what it is, what the main causes are, the symptoms, and a potential solution. Without further ado, let’s take a look at the problem that plagues so many. Definition – In its essence, RLS is a health issue that causes restlessness in the legs. With an uncomfortable feeling in the legs, most RLS sufferers tend to have violent twitches in their sleep. When this happens, it is called periodic limb movements of sleep (PLMS) and it can wake the sufferer up as well as any partner. Whilst some people only experience mild aches every so often, others experience distressing symptoms that occur every single night. Normally, the severity falls on a scale between the two and if left untreated, can lead to anxiety, depression, and insomnia. Causes – Although it can run in families, the cause is widely unknown. Due to increased research, many specialists now believe that it all relates to how our body handles a chemical called dopamine. As dopamine controls movement in the muscles, it could be associated with involuntary movements. In addition to this, RLS can also be caused as a result of another issue such as kidney failure and iron deficiency anaemia and this is called secondary RLS.   Symptoms – As mentioned previously, the main symptoms are a feeling of restlessness but you can also feel pain, numbness, cold, and a certain urge to move. With RLS, the sufferer normally finds it impossible to get comfortable and there is always the need or the urge to move (no matter how frequently).   Note: RLS occurs deep in the muscles as opposed to an itchiness on the surface of the skin.   Acupuncture – If you have RLS or know someone that does, you will know that there isn’t necessarily a cure in the Western world. Although drugs will be prescribed, they often lead to side-effects but another solution, which has been healing the problem for over 2,000 years, is a combination of Chinese herbs and acupuncture. With RLS, acupuncture has been proven to be more effective than medication which is a rare occurrence in today’s world.   When it comes to traditional Chinese medicine, RLS is caused by yin deficiency which means that our body temperature isn’t regulating effectively enough. During the day, yang works by following...

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Improve Sports Performance & Help Prevent Injury

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Kinesiology Tape Treat sports injuries with Kinesiology taping to improve sporting performance, help prevent further injury and allow you to return to playing sport much quicker. Read more about how it can benefit you below: Kinesiology tape seen as an elastic, slim cotton strip with a painted adhesive, therapeutic tape can be advantageous in supporting inflammatory conditions, as well as various sports and musculoskeletal injuries. Kinesiology tape is similar to skin in terms of elasticity and thickness. As such, it can be worn without constricting, binding or limiting your range of motion. You might have seen professional athletes wearing kinesiology tape to prevent injuries and improve their sporting performance. Kinesiology tape is used to treat athletic wounds and other physical damages. For about 10 years after its debut, it was mostly used by Japanese practitioners. By 1988, professional athletes around the world, including Japanese Olympians were making use of the therapeutic tape. The Benefits In order to obtain the intended results from using it, a complete physical examination from a medical professional is required. In some instances, the assessment of a condition might include: range of motion testing, manual muscle testing, gait assessment, other necessary orthopedic assessments. The data acquired from an assessment will determine the appropriate treatment protocol to be administered. Kinesiology tape can be a priceless extension to this protocol. It has been shown to have helpful physiological effects on the circulatory and lymphatic and system, skin, muscles, fascia, tendons, ligaments, and joints. It can be used in association with numerous other modalities and treatments inside of a clinic. It is also efficient during the chronic and rehabilitative phases of an injury, and can be useful for preventative measures. Contact Paul today for more details about this service and to book your appointment. 01...

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